Dear Sirs,

Our community is struggling for the national legal recognition of Argentine Sign Language as our linguistic and cultural patrimony. We believe, as you know, it will be a major advance for our community if Argentine Sign Language is recognized as our natural language by the Argentine government.

Link to a brief summary of the legal project of Argentine Sign Language recognition.

In our country Argentine Sign Language and Deaf culture are not considered and therefore we practically have no human rights –there are no interpreters neither in hospitals nor in Universities, oralism is still very strong in education, Deaf culture is not recognized, Deaf people are still considered as handicapped, inequalities are reproduced with regard to our community. Therefore we are asking for institutional supports from different institutions within Argentina and abroad. We have received more than 200 letters of support from different parts of the world, including the World Federation of the Deaf.

We expect to be able to receive from your institution/organization/University a letter of support regarding Argentine Sign Language legal recognition as the linguistic-cultural patrimony of Argentine Deaf Community. Your support is really very important for us as it will really make an impact and if this law is approved it will change our lives.

Please, send an email with your letter attached supporting to us, to:
Confederación Argentina de Sordos – CAS
President: Mrs. María Elena Juárez

Thanking you in advance for your kind concern, we remain

Sincerely Yours